Revitalizing Luxury: A Glimpse into Our Exquisite Kitchen Remodeling Project in Bethesda, MD


Embark on a journey through the transformative kitchen remodeling project by FineCraft Contractors in collaboration with Donald Lococo Architects LLC. Inspired by the theme of curves, the tired 1990s kitchen in Bethesda, MD, underwent a revitalizing makeover, boasting contrasting materials of figured walnut and semigloss cabinetry. This award-winning project harmoniously balanced light and dark contrasts, seamlessly integrated pet-friendly elements, and combined luxury with functionality through intricate details and elegant finishes.

Revitalizing Luxury: A Glimpse into Our Exquisite Kitchen Remodeling Project in Bethesda, MD

At FineCraft Contractors, we believe that every home has a story to tell, and our recent collaboration with Donald Lococo Architects LLC on a stunning kitchen remodeling project in Bethesda, MD is no exception. As the proud general contractors for this endeavor, we’re excited to share the journey of transforming a tired 1990s kitchen into a modern masterpiece that earned the 2023 Best Kitchen Award in the $75,000-$150,000 category.

A Vision of Freshness

Our journey began with a young couple residing in Bethesda, MD, who were ready to breathe new life into their dwelling. With a child and two cherished feline companions, their home needed to harmonize with their evolving needs while exuding a sense of freshness and vitality. The kitchen, in particular, stood as a prime candidate for transformation, and that’s where our team at FineCraft Contractors stepped in.

Curves and Contrasts

Under the visionary guidance of Donald Lococo Architects LLC, the theme of curves emerged as a central element in the kitchen design. These soft, rounded corners would soon set the stage for a symphony of design contrasts that would make the space truly come alive.

Materials That Speak

To emphasize the curves and breathe new life into the limited space, we opted for a palette of two contrasting materials. Custom-figured walnut and semigloss cabinetry were selected, each bringing a unique character to the kitchen. The figured walnut exuded vitality, motion, and depth, while the semi-gloss cabinetry offered a solid and luminous presence.

A Dance of Light and Dark

Playing with light and dark was pivotal in this design journey. The deep, dark tones of the figured walnut were juxtaposed against the light, clean aesthetic of the semigloss cabinetry. This interplay was further accentuated by the use of Neolith’s Arctic White countertops and backsplash, creating a stunning contrast that highlighted the curvature of the kitchen island.

A Welcoming Haven

The kitchen island was not just a functional element, but also a space that played a unique role in the lives of our clients’ two feline friends. The raised island legs allowed the oak parquet flooring to flow seamlessly beneath, creating a sense of continuity. Moreover, these legs were ingeniously designed to house pet bowls for the cats, making them a part of the family dynamics while providing a sense of shelter.

The Island’s Embrace

The island wasn’t just a design feature; it was a work of art in itself. Touch latch doors, kerfed horizontally, lent the island a drawer-like appearance, further accentuating its curvature. This design choice harmonized perfectly with the rounded theme of the entire kitchen.

A Symphony of Appliances and Accents

A Wolf range stood proudly along the back wall, crowned by a Prestige exhaust hood that seamlessly blended with the white semigloss uppers. On the opposite wall, a Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer found their place, clad in the distinctive figured walnut paneling.

A Touch of Elegance

Small details can make a world of difference. The Drum 1/1-4″ Champagne Bronze round cabinet knobs from Liberty Hardware were carefully chosen to complement the kitchen’s luxurious ambiance.

A Fusion of Form and Function

The kitchen island isn’t just about its aesthetic appeal; it’s also about efficiency. An Elkay sink and a VIGO Industries faucet, boasting knurled metalwork, are ready to accommodate culinary endeavors. The Cove dishwasher adds ease to clean up, ensuring that the kitchen remains both beautiful and functional.

The Final Flourish

Completing the scene are the Asteria pendant lights from Umage. These exquisite lighting fixtures mirror the delicate balance between white and walnut tones, serving as the perfect finishing touch to this remarkable kitchen design.

At FineCraft Contractors, it was an honor to bring Donald Lococo Architects LLC’s visionary design to life. The blending of contrasting elements, the harmony of curves, and the fusion of luxury and practicality truly embody the spirit of this award-winning kitchen remodeling project in Bethesda, MD. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this transformation and to witness how a space can evolve into a true masterpiece.

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