Our custom-built portico is almost done!



Our custom-built portico is almost done!

By George Papaheraklis

In case you didn’t know, we do build custom pieces for our clients, and when we get the opportunity to do so, we get so excited! It’s a chance for us to be fully creative and create something for you that no one else has.

This time, we’re custom building a portico, which is a covered walkway (typically the porch) that is supported by regularly spaced columns. Porticos actually originate from Greek architecture and formed the entrances to ancient Greek temples. Porticos give a really great finishing touch to front doors and elevate the entire exterior of the home.

We now have the covered portion of the portico installed above the front door, and we are finishing up the columns that will be supporting it! We’re really excited to show you the finished product – it’s going to be the talk of the town when it’s finished!

But until then, head over to our Instagram page to see our updates on this custom build, and be sure to follow us so you stay updated on all our latest projects!

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George Papaheraklis is the founder of FineCraft Contractors, Inc., located in Gaithersburg, MD. Since 1985, FineCraft has been building houses, additions, kitchens, baths and more for discerning families. Their blog can be seen at https://www.finecraftcontractors.com//blog/ and they can be reached at 301-330-9191.

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