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Finecraft Contractors breathes new life into 1970s home



Finecraft Contractors breathes new life into 1970s home

This month’s featured project hails from the rolling suburbia of Bethesda, MD. It all began with a 1970’s one-story home and a desire for something more personal. “I needed to have a house that felt like it was mine,” said homeowner Trent Heminger. “And, I think the only way to really get that is to build it.”

Enter George Papaheraklis, a master craftsman with decades of experience and the president of Finecraft Contractors. George and his crew have been putting together high-end custom homes around Maryland and Washington D.C. since 1985, helping homeowners realize their dreams of truly unique living spaces. “It’s all about having that experience, having the referrals, having the relationships,” said Heminger. “Within the first 20 minutes of our casual meeting, they were definitely very protective of us and our plans.”

SusieSoleimaniPhotography-170It went beyond making the client feel comfortable. George made the experience a personal one for all involved. “The vision is joined,” he reflected. “It’s not just mine, it’s a common vision I share with the architect and the client.” Armed with that joined vision of a sprawling contemporary home with plenty of personality, the Finecraft team began their project.

Starting with the drawing of the plans, George worked closely with Thomson & Cooke architects to work out the details of Heminger’s modern abode. When raising a 5,000 square foot phoenix out of the ashes of a single floor ranch, preparation is as crucial as execution. Once the blueprint was finalized, the demolition began. Finecraft hired out Go Green LLC to deconstruct the house piece by piece in order to save them for recycled use. Not only does this salvaging promote Earth-conscious initiatives such as Go Green, it’s also a tax-creditable service that any contractor can utilize.

Upon clearing and prepping the jobsite, the real transformation began. A quick glance at some of the project pictures shows just how expansive the work was. Beautiful standing showers with wood paneling, revamped sinks, and a soaking tub occupy bathrooms once inhabited by dated wares and fixtures. A contemporary chef’s kitchen that would provoke even Emeril LaGassee to let out a couple of “Bams!”stands illuminated and inspired, a stark contrast to its former self. Add in a full extra floor of living space, 10 foot ceilings, a completely reimagined exterior, and a knowing designer’s touch and you have the makings of a very special contemporary home.

“I call it my baby.” Heminger beamed. “I feel like we really put it together — developed it, thought about it, lived it, and breathed it. We’re super, super excited with every detail and how it’s come out.”

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FineCraft & Stacy & John are hosting a project showcase/housewarming party to celebrate their home renovation project which includes a beautiful kitchen & mudroom, bathrooms, the laundry room & a palio & portico. Come enjoy an afternoon on us.