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George Papaheraklis-Finecraft Home Remodeling

George Papaheraklis

Owner & Founder

" I’m a builder. I love the creation. Ever since I can remember I have been interested in “ART”. My philosophy which I imbue into my staff is the acronym - ART - Aesthetically Reimaging Together. This is essentially what we’re doing with every project we work on. We work with the homeowner, we create together, and we build new spaces - be it a house, an addition, a kitchen, bathroom, basement or patio. With each project the team (the architect, the homeowner and FineCraft) is aesthetically reimagining the spaces together. I studied architecture at the University of Maryland, and when I finished my degree I realized that I enjoyed building so much that I really didn’t want to be in an office. I decided that because of the experience that I had in building, because of my background, I could be uniquely situated in combining my fortes for and with my clients. Taking somebody’s dream and bringing it into reality in all the details that one wants is the essence of ART."

Hobbies: Running, Reading, Spending time with my wife and family, Painting

Dargmar Papaheraklis - Home Remodeling Contractors

Dagmar Papaheraklis


" I was with FineCraft before it was FineCraft. I helped create the name of the company and the first logo and brainstormed with George on how to establish a company that would represent our values and principles. We aimed to create a construction company that brought family values and traditions to the workplace along with award-winning craftsmanship. Now, 32 years years later, 700+ projects completed, and with over 100, 5-star reviews I’m proud to say that we have been achieving our aims with practically every home improvement project we’ve been involved with. "

Niko Papaheraklis

Business Manager & Director of Promotion & Marketing

" I was born a FineCraft baby. Finecraft is my life. Before working in FineCraft I went to an international school in Oregon for 4 years, worked for legendary jazz musician, Chick Corea, for 2 years, went to business school in Los Angeles, and in 2008, I landed back with my FineCraft family. For the past 10 years I have dedicated my life to this company, working in business development along with promotion and marketing. FineCraft is my life. I live, eat and breathe it… and I love it."

Hobbies: Exercising, Reading, Spending quality time with family, Traveling, Volunteering with Youth for Human Rights

Finecraft Building Contractors - Home Design

Dasha Cunningham-Papaheraklis

Project Coordinator & Customer Relations

" FineCraft IS my family, literally. My father is the founder and President and I grew up with construction. For many years I worked on humanitarian objectives, human rights, anti-drug campaigns for children, education and more. I travelled through the East and Australia. I did come full circle after many years to work with my family and have been doing so for several recent years. I work as a Project Coordinator and Customer Relations to make sure clients get the best service and are happy with their project. I love people, and I love making people happy. And what’s better than working to do so with one's family!"

Hobbies: Volunteering and helping people, Spending time with my family and especially my baby daughter.

Patrick Cunningham

Director of Sales

" I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been around construction my whole life. My father was a building contractor in the UK. I worked with him as a teenager and came to love the way a home is transformed through the renovation process. Although a majority of my adult life I spent on humanitarian endeavors all over the world (human rights, educational campaigns, drug rehabilitation), I somehow was always connected to the industry in some way. Now I love helping people realize their dream homes! "

Hobbies: Reading, movies, volunteering in community activities, and spending time with my wife and daughter.

Vivian Papairakli

Project Coordinator & Customer Relations

" I have been working in customer service for over 15 years - dealing with clients and their needs - ensuring they are taken care of. I became a part of the FineCraft family in 2014, as an office administrator, but that was not enough for me....I then jumped right into the construction field and realized this is where I'm supposed to be! I’m now a Project Coordinator and the President’s assistant, so I'm glad that I am able to play my part in turning all the project drawings into reality while giving it my all for our clients. After all, our success depends on our clients' satisfaction!"

Hobbies: Spending time with family and my dearest son, going to good restaurants, walking


Project Manager (year 2033)

" I can't wait to play with creating houses after I get the hang of building with my Legos!"

Omar A.

Logistics Supervisor, since 2001

" I have been working with FineCraft for just under two decades. I'm a Logistics Supervisor. FineCraft is my family. It's such a pleasure being a part of this special team that creates beautiful houses for families that enjoy our work. The collaborations between homeowners, tradesmen and other industry professionals is very rewarding and I'm proud to say I'm part of the FineCraft family!""

Rey Palma

Project Manager, since 2002

" It was 15 years ago that I got my first job in the field of construction - framing houses. From there I began working in different aspects of construction. For 13 years now I have been working with FineCraft, and I have worked every aspect of construction. I specialize in finishes, meaning I focus on the fine details until they’re 100% done. For the last 8 years, I have been managing projects with a guiding philosophy: Focusing on clients’ satisfaction and the quality of work performed. "

Hobbies: Having family time, playing soccer, watching soccer tournaments

Juan J.

Project Foreman, since 2003

" I started working in the field of construction in the '90's, learning each step of the way. Today I'm proud to be a Project Foreman because I have the privilege of being in charge of aspects of the project and ensuring my juniors do their work properly. I enjoy talking with new homeowners we work for and understanding their needs and wants. By understanding them better my team and I are able to deliver more accurately what has been planned from the outset. "

Hobbies: Going to adventure parks with my family, playing a good game of soccer

Chris Manavis

Project Manager, since 2014

" Since 1989, I have been in the construction industry, renovating and remodeling houses of all shapes and sizes. From ‘73 to ‘89, I was in the restaurant business. After that stint, I went right into residential remodeling. I really enjoying working in the field, and I especially enjoy finishing basements and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. A special project that I have done has been remodeling a monastery. I like the thrill of changing things all the time, creating and meeting new people. A motto I go by is: Treat people as you’d like to be treated. This is my philosophy and way of life. "

Hobbies: Fishing, car racing, going to flea markets, spending time with family, reading books

Renzo Veliz

Project Manager, since 2018

" This company is faithful, reliable and truly cares for those who work for it. Working with a company and people like this allows me to spread my wings and give it my all. I like the process of turning nothing into something, or transforming spaces from the usual to the exceptional. Working in the industry has been my life for the past two decades and I'm not slowing down any time soon. Full steam ahead!"

Hobbies: Jogging, playing soccer, watching movies, being with my family and friends

Jose Ekonomo

Project Manager, since 2015

" I started on my career in construction right after high school. I immediately learned the leadership skills, industry knowledge, and I built relationships that led me to participate in a project in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in 2001, at the age of 20, to build American-style homes, training Brazilian natives on how to frame, hang drywall and install roof shingles. Shortly thereafter, upon returning to the States, I started my own structural framing company, and I have gone on to work with some of Washington Area’s finest home builders and renovation firms either as a subcontractor, field supervisor or project manager. "

Hobbies: Listen to live music, guitar playing, walking the beach, teaching youngsters about the construction trade

Mario A.

Craftsman Finisher, since 2004

" Every time I'm on the job I'm thrilled that I can create works of art that homeowners enjoy. I started in FineCraft as a helper but for many years now I have been working as a Finisher, making sure everything is top-quality. It truly is great working with this company - the care, the expertise, the comradery that I'm surrounded by; it's wonderful. I learn something new every day and I'm grateful for this. "

Hobbies: Playing soccer, spending time with family and friends

Nicolas C.

Project Foreman, since 1995

" I can't see myself working for another company. I have been with FineCraft longer than I can remember. FineCraft is family. George has taught me what I know and now I can comfortably and confidently run my own team which I'm grateful for. It's a blessing to be an instrumental part of this company. Glad to leave me mark and create quality work for homeowners that we work for. "

Hobbies: Playing soccer, being with family, enjoying an evening stroll

William V.

Project Foreman, since 1998

" This company is my second family. I have been working with FineCraft since 1998 - 20 years! Over the years George Papaheraklis has been my mentor. He's the one who's taught me everything I know. To be part of this company is truly being part of something bigger - they always strive to do better, and they find ways to deliver in better more efficient ways so that the process is more efficient and enjoyable for all involved. I'm glad I can play my part in this game!"

Hobbies: Going out to restaurants, walking around Washington monuments with my family

Henry S.

Project Foreman, since 2000

" I have come a long way since I started working for FineCraft. I enjoy the creation of my work and making sure that what I build for the homeowners is high quality and will last for years to come. One of my favorite things to build are built-ins. It allows my imagination to work freely. I enjoy working with the interior finishes because I see what the homeowners will be seeing day in and day out. I guess you could say it's a privilege to be in this position. The stakes are high but I'm fit for the job. "

Hobbies: Biking, playing soccer with friends, canoeing and going out on picnics with my family and friends


Painter, since 2010

" I love putting the finishing touches with the paint work. The houses come to life after I'm done with them! There's a fine art to painting and I've learned the ins-and-outs - from painting general areas to more fine and delicate work such as trim and cabinets. "

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking and spending time with family


General Carpentry, since 2016

" It's all about having fun, working well with the team and producing excellent work. I come from a background of hard work and a strong desire to finish what I've started. Nothing is left undone. My personal philosophy is "if it's going to get done then get it done right...the first time". In this industry some times one doesn't get a second chance, so that's why it's important to give it your all from the beginning!"

Hobbies: Spending time with my kids, spending time with the guys on game night


Finish Carpentry, since 2016

" I like working with finishes because it's up to me to make sure the job is left perfect! I know the standards that FineCraft holds and I feel that the final seal is left in my hands before we say "fare well" to each homeowner. "

Hobbies: I enjoy putting things together and creating new structures, fishing, and walking with my family


Head Mason, since 2014

" I like to consider my self an artist and I do this wish stones, concrete and a trowel. I have been doing this line of work for many years and it's a great feeling being with this company who creates high-quality work. Here is where I been able to excel and really spread my wings when it comes to creation. Wouldn't change this for the world!"

Hobbies: Swimming, fishing and reading a good book


Mason, since 2015

" I help our head mason, and I have been doing this for several years now. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new. It's a treat to be working next to and helping such talent. It's a demanding job but well worth it. "

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my family and cooking delicious meals


Framer, since 2015

" Without the frame nothing can happen inside. It's a tough job but I feel like superman doing it. From one moment to the next one suddenly sees a house forming where there was once nothing. The way it happens involves a lot of hard work, coordination and team work. I've learned a lot about team work. It's the only way to get the job done. Without a group that works well with each other it's very difficult to get the job done. "

Hobbies: Fishing, playing soccer and spending quality time with my family


Framer, since 2015

" I began a few years ago and I'm amazed by how much this team gets done in one day. I continue to learn the ropes and strive to do my part in creating beautiful additions, remodels and houses. "

Hobbies: Drawing, playing soccer and reading

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