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Finecraft Contractors, Inc. is celebrating its 32nd year in business serving the Metro DC Area. Our award-winning projects have been worked on with passion for perfection and a keen eye to detail. It goes without saying that at Finecraft we aim to please our customers. From large to small, we do it all. Now with Finecraft Handyman Services, we're allowed to go even smaller and help you with all the "around the house" repairs your house needs. No fuss. Just call us. We'll waive the service call.


Here's a list of our handyman services:


     > Interior and exterior painting
     > Gutter repair and cleaning
     > Wood fencing replacement, repair and refinishing
     > Ceramic tile installation and repair
     > Interior and exterior caulking
     > Deck restoration and staining
     > Pressure washing
     > Door repairs (including knobs)
     > Custom carpentry and woodwork
     > Masonry repairs
     > Window glazing and sealing
     > Wallpaper removal
     > Exterior rotted wood repair and replacement
     > Crown molding
     > Retaining walls
     > Water leaks
     > Roof repairs
     > Storm doors
     > Vinyl floors
     > Weather stripping
     > Kitchen cabinets installations
     > Custom bookshelves and built-ins
     > Bathroom/kitchen renovations (click here for an InstaQuote)
     > If we haven't named it, fill out the form below to tell us what you need. If it's house related we've got you covered.


Let us know what you need.

1. Fill out the form below so we have the general info of what you're looking for.
2. We'll schedule a walk-through to get a grasp of what your needs are.
3. Free on-the-spot estimate.
4. We'll waive the $75 service call charge. (Should you decide to hire us on the spot we'll waive this charge.)

Want extra cash for the project? Click the GreenSky link below the form to see what you qualify for. We offer up to $55k and up to 1 year deferred interested.

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that the “Preliminary Estimate” that you receive contains “rough figures” that Finecraft has determined to be what a homeowner can expect the base costs to be. Exact costs will be determined and based upon inspection of the project with exact measurements taken and costs calculated during the free consultation. This Preliminary Estimate shall not be held against us as “fixed costs” nor shall it be construed as contract prices. Contract prices may differ from those in your Preliminary Estimate.

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