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Over the past several decades, FineCraft has had the pleasure of working with some of the greats in Architecture and Design: Donald Lococo Architects, MUSE Architects, Anne Decker Architects, GTM Architects, Marika Meyer Interiors, Ballard & Mensua Architecture, Balodemas Architects, to name a few.
If you have plans from an architect we welcome the opportunity to bid on your project; however, if you don’t and would rather our smooth and feature-filled design-build approach, continue reading to get a comprehensive understanding of FineCraft’s Design-Build Process.

First things first: Schematics-Only Contract

We first schedule a complimentary design-build appointment (at least 45 minutes long) and go over your scope in person. The purpose of this initial visit is to ascertain the rough ballpark for construction and the design intent so we can provide you with a proposal in the form of our schematics-only contract. This would be the first engagement with us. At the end of the schematics-only phase you will have the scheme you want and our preliminary estimate for the construction phase.
After that, we would embark upon a design-build contract where we dive deeper into the design (Design Development) until we have the permit set. With this in hand, we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed estimate for construction. Then we submit for a permit and once gotten we get going with the build phase after the preconstruction meeting. 

Within the Schematics-Only contract you’ll get: 

  • Construction ballpark (at this stage it will be our professional ‘guesstimate’)
  • Actual cost for the schematics service (Schematics are drawings that show high-level illustrations of existing and proposed areas)
  • Concluding with our Preliminary Estimate for construction 
  • Within the contract we’ll also include information on what the Design-Development costs are for the next phase.


We can provide any style of construction and finish that you desire. Whether you want traditional, contemporary, farmhouse or modern – we’ll design what you desire.


You’ll be introduced to our Preferred Vendors by our Selections Manager who is tasked with helping you with your main finish selections such as cabinets, vanities, tops, appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures, windows and exterior doors, etc.
In addition to the importance of selecting each item comes the importance of ordering each in the proper sequence. Sequencing is just as important as the selection of your items, and our Selections Manager will help you with this so your process is smooth and stress-free. Watch this video to learn more about the Selections Manager and the selections process.

Have individual questions about Selections? Select the video you have a question about below and get your answer.


Once we’re done with the Schematics phase and you’ve received the Preliminary Estimate the next phase is Design-Development. This is where we dive deep into the design. This includes structural, MEP (mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing details) – essentially the important details needed to pull the building permit. This may also include 3D renderings such as these here to give you an immersive experience. 

Final Estimate

Once we have the plans ready for final pricing we’ll provide you with what we call our Final Estimate. This will be a detailed estimate of the project (and is what we base the milestone payments of your project on)

Preconstruction Meeting before Construction starts

Before construction begins we’ll have a preconstruction meeting to “set the baseline”. This means we elaborate on how we work, hours of construction, where the dumpster will go, the placement of portable toilet, areas that may be off limits, etc. Essentially we inform you about the construction process and go over the “do’s and don’ts”.

Preferred Vendors 

Our list of Preferred Vendors includes some of the leading companies in the industry with reps who are well versed in their particular niche such as WeatherShield from Quality Window & Door. Though our Preferred Vendors are tried and true you may propose any you’d like us to consider using.

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