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February 24, 2023

FineCraft’s Bold New Look. Same Great Quality.

The FineCraft logo:

It wasn’t always about the “column”. Actually, in 1985, the logo was comprised of a plumb, a square, and a ruler. Then in the early 2000s, at the behest of a close friend of the FineCraft family who challenged himself in making an updated logo to reflect “quality”, “integrity”, “strength” and a sense of “here to stay”, he succeeded in creating the column that many associates with FINECRAFT today.

Here’s the timeline of the “column logo” and how it looks today:

Early 2000’s:

This was the first version of the logo with the column. It consisted of 4 vertical lines for the stem of the column and 1 horizontal line with curved ends for the top part of the capital. The horizontal line divided FINECRAFT from the rest of the words. The color was more of a cherry red.


After a decade and after the 2008 downturn, we wanted to upgrade the logo by adjusting the color to maroon and adding the slogan “Because Details Matter Most”.


After another decade had gone by and in the aftermath of 2019, we wanted to create more of a horizontal look since the previous version was more “stacked”, and at the same time we wanted to simplify our image and focus on FINECRAFT. In this logo, the horizontal line used in the 2000-2010 logo is now gone.


One year later, we added “Est. 1985”.


And today’s logo now shows the column color inverted and the word “FINECRAFT” “pops” more than ever before. We also kept the “Est. 1985”. In addition, one of the vertical lines is cut off as well and the other half of the capital is now gone.

In 1985, George and Dagmar Papaheraklis started FineCraft while George was attending the University of Maryland studying Architecture. It was the very vehicle that paid for his education. Upon finishing with a Bachelors of Architecture, George was at a crossroads of either being an architect or continuing FineCraft as a builder. Well, you know what he chose because we’re here today as FineCraft Building Contractors, Inc. – a family business whose family values and principles are the foundation of what our company is built on. We proudly service MD, DC, VA, and FL.

Meet the rest of the FineCraft family!

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