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Finecraft Contractors, Inc. of Metro DC Receives Best of Houzz Award 2014 – Press Release

Finecraft Contractors, Inc. of Metro DC Receives

Best Of Houzz Award 2014 – PRESS RELEASE


Annual Survey and Analysis of 16 Million Monthly Users

Reveals Top-Rated Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals


Metro DC, February 4, 2014 – Finecraft Contractors, Inc. of Metro DC Area has been awarded

“Best Of Houzz” by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The Best of

Houzz 2014 for Design & Customer Satisfaction was chosen by the more than 16 million

monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.


The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design.

Customer Satisfaction honorsare determined by a variety of factors, including the number

and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2013. Design award winners’ work

was the most popular among the more than 16 million monthly users on Houzz, known as

“Houzzers,” who saved more than 230 million professional images of home interiors and

exteriors to their personal ideabooks via the Houzz site, iPad/iPhone app and Android app.

Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2014” badge on their profiles, showing the Houzz

community their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify

popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.


“Our focus is always on the details.” - Finecraft President


“Houzz provides homeowners with the most comprehensive view of home building,

remodeling and design professionals, empowering them to find and hire the right

professional to execute their vision,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of

community for Houzz. “We’re delighted to recognize Finecraft Contractors, Inc. among

our “Best Of” professionals for both customer satisfaction and design as judged by our

community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and

decorating their homes.” With Houzz, homeowners can identify not only the top-

rated professionals like Finecraft Contractors, Inc., but also those whose work matches

their own aspirations for their home. Homeowners can also evaluate professionals by

contacting them directly on the Houzz platform, asking questions about their work

and reviewing their responses to questions from others in the Houzz community.


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About Finecraft Contractors, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Finecraft Contractors, Inc., has specialized in new home

construction, home additions, home remodeling and home renovations throughout

Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. We’ve completed well over 600 projects,

and have demonstrated award-winning professionalism, high quality and reliability.


About Houzz

Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people

with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish - online or

from a mobile device. From decorating a room to building a custom home, Houzz

connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home

improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest

residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social

tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice,

product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality.

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Voted Best of Houzz 2014 in Customer Satisfaction & Design

Voted best of Houzz 2014 in Customer Satisfaction & Design: This year Finecraft Contractors, Inc. was fortunate to be voted best in Customer Satisfaction & Design for 2014. We pride ourselves in creating solid relationships with every client we work with. Often times our clients end up coming back for more because they know they’re getting more than they bargain for. Our clients become life-long friends not just clients. It’s our pleasure to continue to grow in this industry and help homeowners build what they’ve been dreaming of. To another great year!

Visit our Houzz page here.




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Make Your Small Bathroom Look BIG

Master bathroom Jacuzzi

Let's face it: we all get tired of our living spaces every now and then. But we also have to face the fact that we can't move just because we don't like what we see anymore. There's an easy solution to this: remodeling. Remodeling opens up a world of opportunities to renew your living space.

One of the spaces that we often get tired of looking at is the bathroom. Redecorating it is one thing, but to actually have a bigger bathroom without breaking down any walls is quite impressive. Follow these simple design tips with a local contractor and watch your bathroom grow.

  1. Bright and light – Choosing bright colors or whites can open up a small space and give the impression of depth, making it appear and feel larger. A can of paint is no huge expenditure, but working with these patterns in the design can have big payoff in the end.
  2. Use every inch – Space is a premium in a small bathroom, so make sure to use up every inch of it. If you are on a strict budget, then the tub and/or shower will probably have to stay in its home, but a craftsman can easily reposition toilets and sinks in a just a few hours to ensure that every corner is utilized. Avoid positioning anything perpendicular to a corner because you loose the space behind the item. There is nothing wrong with putting something flush against the wall to maximize space.
  3. Make more room – Additions and renovations to your home should always add storage. Consider a small cabinet, wall mount, or a small shelf to give to you plenty of additional storage and decorating space for a small price. Mirrored cabinet surfaces are especially great for opening up a space visually while also adding a practical storage element. Also avoiding bathroom clutter and hiding it away in cabinets or storage compartments will make any space feel larger.
  4. Trade big for small – For example, get rid of the bulky vanity sitting on the floor and lift up to a pedestal sink that will give you twice the space! This opens up more floor space; and, if you’re worried about storage underneath, opt for a wall-mounted cabinet off the floor.
  5. Bye bye bath – A more extreme but equally useful suggestion is to remodel and eliminate the bathtub and replace it with a shower. Studies are showing that baths can often spread and carry bacteria, so why not make your home a little greener and upgrade to a shower. Depending on where the bathroom is, another bathroom with a tub is an easy exchange.
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Because many of these improvements suggest the work of someone who is skilled in remodeling and reconstruction, grab your local craftsman and get to work!


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Is a Home Addition Right For Me?

Home Addition | Maryland | Finecraft ContractorsIt has to be one of the toughest questions anyone has to ask themselves: “Do we opt for a home addition, or simply buy a new one?” Either course of action will ensure a sizeable amount of work and disruption to the everyday course of things, not to mention a cost that is not insignificant.

By opting to purchase a new home, the buyer does get the sense of living in something new (to them), something different that might give them a new lease of life. However, they’ll be kissing goodbye to all the special comforts and nuances that they created for themselves – often over a period of years – to get their old property just how they wanted it. So, although they are getting something new, they are also forced to leave a lot behind.

By taking the home addition route, a homeowner gets many of the advantages of a new home without sacrificing the existing home comforts that they have lovingly created over the years. For example, an addition will give a property a ‘new’ feel to it, and create additional living space for a growing family (often the core reason behind the purchase of a new home to begin with). But a home addition will also provide several other benefits.

With a home addition you get to call the shots. No matter how far you search, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a new home that exactly matches your specifications, but with a home addition you can tell the contractor precisely what you want and they will be able to replicate that and make your dreams come true.

Home additions can also be cost-effective in the mid to long-term. Some investment specialists even say that a home addition can increase the value of a property dollar for dollar, thus recouping the entire cost of the addition when the owner finally decides to sell. But even if the market is such that an addition doesn’t completely increase a property’s value by it’s construction costs, it can pay for itself in several other ways.

An addition will increase the square footage of the property, adding valuable living space that has a worth all of its own. Then there are the aesthetic properties of an addition; adding beauty as well as function to a home. An addition can be just as pleasing from the outside as it is from the inside, and a skilled custom home builder and contractor will design and create an addition that compliments the existing lines of a property so that the finished article looks superb.

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If you feel that you’ve outgrown your current home and are thinking of buying something new, perhaps it’s time to think again.


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Is It the Right Time to Build a New Home?

Now could be the right time for a new home, while contractors and home builders are more competitive with their prices. | FineCraft Contractors

If you thought that building your dream home was only feasible if your last name was Rockefeller or Vanderbilt, then think again. Building your own home is a viable option for many – from first time buyers to those seeking their last ‘retirement’ home, anyone currently looking for a home should consider building a new home because it is more affordable than ever.

Mortgage rates are extremely low at present, particularly in the Maryland, DC and VA region. A 30-year, fixed rate mortgage can be as low as four percent. That is considerably less than was the case this time last year. In addition to the financing, the actual costs of building materials are also at record lows, which has driven down the overall construction costs of new home building. Lumber and drywall – both of which are essential components of a new home construction project – are far cheaper than in past years and represent a large savings on materials in any construction job.

Thanks to the recession, contractors and home builders are proving to be more competitive than in recent years, and some even offer incentives and programs to win business by making new home building an option available to everyone. You can even ask for additional ‘extras’ to be added in for free to make your home building dollars go further. However don’t be blinded by offers of cheap this or free that. You’re making a large investment and you need to ensure your money is in safe hands. Look to see if the home builder or contractor is highly rated at the Better Business Bureau; are they well established and have they been around a ling time? Read recommendations by others who have used these building professionals, and see if they have won any awards for their work within the community.

Another positive reason to build your own home – and one that can save you considerable money in the mid to long-term – is that a new home can be built using green methods and with green materials. A new home will be completely compliant with all the current codes and won’t need to be ‘improved’ for years. It will also be far more energy efficient than a home built 10, 20 or even longer ago, and you can expect utility bill savings of 30% or more every year over those of an older home. New homes built to certain standards can also qualify for reduced insurance premiums and discounts.

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Lastly, a new home will meet your requirements exactly. You get to choose the floor plan, the features, everything. Who wouldn’t want that?


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